Online Giving

How it works...

These donations are NOT for goods and services. You may not buy any merchandise or tickets by using this page.

When you click the "CLICK HERE TO GIVE" button above, our GIVING page will open in a separate window. At the top left, you'll first want to click the LOGIN link. If you're a member of VOF, if you've ever filled out a visitor's card, or if you've ever registered for an event (Praise Gathering, Men's Retreat, Lavatera, Ladies' Conference, etc.), AND you have provided us with an email address, then you will be in the system already!

You will be prompted to enter your email address. After entering your address, you may see a list of other individuals if you've ever used your email address to register others for an event. Just click the button with YOUR name in it. Now click the blue button to send a "login link" to your email inbox. Go to your email and click the button within it to be taken back to the GIVING page. (These steps are simply a security measure.)

Your information will be at the top of the page and can be edited by you at any time by clicking the small gray pencil to the right of your name or physical address. You may add email addresses and mailing addresses by clicking the buttons just below your information. This greatly helps us keep our records accurate!

Take the time on your first visit to enter any payment method(s) you would like to use to make donations/give. Credit/debit cards are acceptable, as are ACH (bank draft) transactions directly from your bank account. You will be prompted by your bank for your online username and password. Notice that this should carry your bank's name and logo and is not used or stored by VOF or Planning Center, the company we use for online giving. For ACH, you must have your bank's routing number and your account number available. NOTE: ACH transactions are the ones that have the lowest handling fees to the church. In other words, only $.25 is taken out for handling. Credit/debit cards have a handling fee of 2.3% + $.30 that will be deducted before being deposited to the church. YOU STILL GET TAX CREDIT for the WHOLE AMOUNT given!

Making Donations:

When your information is all entered and you're ready to give, click the DONATE button at the very top left of the page. You will see that the general TITHES & OFFERINGS account is chosen for you by default, as this is probably where most donations will go. However, if you wish to give to another fund, click the down "v" at the direct right of the fund name for a dropdown list of other funds to which you may give. You may only choose from those funds provided. No "write-in's" are possible. Enter the amount you want to give in the field by the "$."

Want to give to more than one fund? Here's how. Let's say you want to give both your tithe and make a donation to the Building Fund. You'll first make sure that the TITHES AND OFFERINGS account is chosen and enter your dollar amount to the right as described above. Then, click the blue ADD DONATION button just below the account list. You will see another set of fields open up for you to choose your account, and enter the amount you wish to give.

Frequency: Next you'll choose whether you want this donation to be just a one-time thing (chosen by default), or if you'd like to make a regularly recurring donation that will happen automatically without you having to come back and enter it each time. If you click REGULARLY, it will bring up further prompts to help you choose how often you want to give this donation. IMPORTANT: If you are donating to more than one account, choosing this option will make the same donations to ALL ACCOUNTS. If you only want to make a recurring donation to one account, remove all donations that should not recur, then make those on a separate transaction that will just happen one time.

Payment Type: Lastly, choose how you want to pay/donate. Any accounts or cards that you entered earlier will be available here. When you have clicked on your payment type, you will be prompted to hit the proper buttons to submit your donation. Email receipts are sent for every donation. We also have records on any online giving that will appear in your tax statements at the end of the year.