Download & Setup Instructions

NOTE: There are NO LINKS assigned to the graphic above!!!

  1. Download "CHURCH CENTER APP" from the App Store of the device you are using
  2. Once download is complete, tap on the app to open it
  3. Tap on "GET STARTED"
  4. Tap "USE MY LOCATION" so that the app can find VOF in the local surrounding area (your phone may use a popup window asking for permission again to use your location. ALLOW this.)
  5. At the top of the white space, tap "USE CURRENT LOCATION"
  6. You will see squares of the logos of local churches populate. VOF's logo (seen at the top of this web page) will be one of them.
  7. Tap on the VOF logo
  8. Tap on the "THIS IS MY CHURCH" button
  9. You will be told on the next screen that you will need to log in. Tap "NEXT."
  10. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number where a code will be sent. Type your mobile phone number in the space provided (there is a very faint "000-000-0000" in the space)
  11. Tap "NEXT"
  12. You will be sent a text message with a six digit code. Enter the code without the hyphen in the space
  13. Tap "NEXT"
  14. You will get a window telling you that it's time to log in
  15. Tap "CONTINUE."
  16. If your phone prompts you to allow notifications, please ALLOW them.

You are now signed in to your Church Center App! Your profile picture (if we have one on file for you) will appear in the top right.

Use the three icons at the bottom to choose to see:

  • the HOME page - where you can email the church, go directly to the church website, see a map for church location, and even get directions by tapping the "DIRECTIONS" button on the top right of the map)
  • the GIVE page - where you can give your tithes and offerings, building fund, love offerings, etc
  • the EVENTS page - where you can see any event or class currently open for registration, tap on the graphic, and register right there without the login emails you would normally get