2019 Ladies' Conference

Meet Shannon Cartrett, Our Speaker

Shannon taught Bible study for more than 10 years in her local community, a suburb of Atlanta.  During that time, she wrote two in-depth Bible studies.  The first, “One Extraordinary Life,” is on the Book of John.  The second, “One Extraordinary Life to Come,” is on the Book of Revelation.

For the last few years, she has enjoyed being present with her family in what she considers to be the “wonder years.”  They’ve included a 3-year adventure moving to Minnesota, a surprising move back to her southern roots in Atlanta, then, most recently, being launched into an unexpected grief journey after the untimely death of her brother from a rare form of bone marrow cancer. Through unimaginable sorrow, surprise endings, and even snow drifts, she’s found God to be faithful. She has captured His faithfulness in a collection of stories which prove we can trust the hope in Him we’re promised. Her heart’s desire is to present God’s Word with clarity, relevance, honesty, and humor; to witness its transforming truth impact the hearts and minds of women.

Shannon is currently a realtor for Century 21 and has been married to her real-life super-hero, Chris, for almost 23 years.  They have two children, Keely (21) and Jake (15).